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Packing/Unpacking Service

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When planning for a move, packing and unpacking your home, condo or office might be difficult. Before your moving day arrives, our professionally experienced packers and movers will make sure you're ready to go. Our team of packing experts will bring all of the required packing tools and moving kits to guarantee that all of your valuables, such as kitchen crockery, antiques, artwork, computer equipment, and other objects, are safe and ready to go. 

Moving Packing Service| The Wagon| Moving Service| Move With Wagon
Packing Service | The Wagon| Moving Service| Move With Wagon

If you use our moving service to move from one location to another or store your belongings with us, we will provide free packing and unpacking, but if you simply need packing and unpacking, it will cost $155/hour and 3 hours minimum + travel time + tax. For more information contact us now. We Do provide assembling/dissembling service.

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